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Lesbian teacher fired for being pregnant finds tons of support





For the last nine years, Barb Webb has been a teacher at Marian High School, an all-girls Catholic school in Michigan. She’s been with her partner Kristin Lasecki for five years, and this summer she notified her employer that they were expecting a baby. 

Shortly after, she was fired, and she thinks it’s because of her “nontraditional pregnancy.” She was reportedly given the chance to resign with health benefits if she stayed quiet about the ordeal, but decided to speak out instead. 

Now, thousands of people online and offline have rallied to support the teacher. This weekend, protesters went to the school with signs proclaiming their support, including alumni who have promised to send their daughters to another school. The response on social media has been huge as well. 

One of Webb’s supporters was Maureen Francis, who graduated from the school in 1983. She wrote Marian a letter informing them she would no longer be donating and didn’t plan to send her daughter there. But she was still surprised when the 11-year-old asked to come with her to the protest.

"She said, ‘I want to go, are you kidding me? What they did was wrong,’" Francis told The Huffington Post. "I was so proud of her."

Alumnae like Francis, as well as current students, have led the charge to support Webb. A Facebook group was started by alumna Rachel Chapman Kopera; it has more than 3,000 members, and 700 people have signed a petition on In a letter, alums stress that the decision to fire Webb conflicts with what they were taught as students and urge Marian to start a diversity club.

"I still wear my Marian High School ring (see my right hand) because I’m proud to be a part of a school that stands up for social justice and diversity," Kopera captioned a Facebook photo of herself holding a sign supporting Webb. “Let that be Marian’s legacy.”

Always defend women who defend themselves, their families, their bodies, their love. Always, always, always. 

SO PLEASED to see all these people supporting this awesome lady after these bigoted vile pieces of trash fired her

And glad to hear that people who had been donating money to this school are going to cease giving these bigoted fuckwits anymore of their money…and that people are making the intelligent decision not to send their kids to a school like this, which fires an innocent woman just because she and her girlfriend are becoming mothers

The people who fire her should be fired

I really hope that the number of people outraged by this hateful anti-LGBTQI bullshit causes the school to give her her job back…or at the very least that she’s able to sue these pricks for firing her for this disgusting and bigoted reason…

Death Battle: Captain America vs Batman is Unprofessional BULL

NOTE: This is not an accusation that Death Battle made this battle to satiate fans of the Batman vs Spiderman battle. I do not believe the staff at ScrewAttack to be so easily coerced. I also do not claim to be an expert on either Batman or Captain America. I am simply a fan of both…




Anybody else remember this episode? In it, a female villain called Femme Fatale is stealing millions of dollars in Susan B. Anthony coins. Naturally, the Powerpuff Girls go to stop her. She then convinces them that men are all horrible because female superheroes aren’t as well known as male superheroes, even asking Blossom to name some to where her only answer is Wonder Woman.

They start acting bitter, refusing to do chores when the Professor asks and even telling the Mayor to save the town himself. Ms. Bellum and Ms. Keane talk to the girls and basically explain that being mean to guys won’t do anything and that isn’t the kind of message feminists should put out.

They proceed to beat up Femme Fatale while giving her a history lesson about Susan B. Anthony, the story where she voted and was found guilty because women couldn’t vote back then, but when the judge wanted to let her off easily because she was a woman, she forced them to take her to jail. The girls handle her and the lesson is that misandry will not stop misogny and we all should just respect each other.

And it fell on Tumblr’s deaf ears.

To the point where many among the sort of person depicted in this episode point out that Lauren Faust later regretted writing the episode. What they conveniently leave out is the fact that it was because of all the death threats she received from that sort of person.

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Marc Andreyko Moves BATWOMAN Into 'Weird' Territory |   











I have a VERY uneasy feeling about the supposed “fallout” between Kate and Maggie, here.


I am not even remotely hopeful about this and I can honestly say that if Andreyko is really going to break Kate and Maggie up then that will be it…I’m going to be done with this book

To be blunt? I have got serious problems with Andryeko’s work on this book and the more I think about it the more I’ve begun to realise just how unsettlingly clear it is that he is either

A) A lesbophobic bigot who is not comfortable writing about queer female relationships or

B) is being forced by some cowardly and SPINELESS higher ups at DC to fuck around with this book

Since Andreyko came on the book literally ALL the intimacy and love seems to have been completely drained out of Maggie and Kate’s relationship. When Williams was writing, I could literally just feel how much these two women loved one another in every scene they had together…and most importantly to me, they were written like an ACTUAL queer couple. They were shown on dates, holding hands, hugging, kissing, in bed together. The book didn’t go the spineless and half-assed route of Marvel’s crap where half the time when there’s a ‘queer’ couple in one of their comics they don’t even so much as share a single kiss together…this book had a queer couple who were actually properly openly queer and didn’t shy away from the characters expressing their love for one another and being open about their sexuality

Since Andreyko came on the book all that has changed. Maggie and Kate have barely shared a handful of scenes together. We haven’t seen them so much as share a single kiss in eight issues, the only time we’ve seen them together has been to show them having problems…we’ve had none of the cute and romantic moments that Williams gave us between them

Yeah relationships have drama sometimes but since Andreyko came on that’s ALL there’s been…

Andreyko has also taken a book where previously almost ALL the major characters were women and  is gradually trying to make it all about dudes. Writing out female characters, introducing more and more male ones to the cast…I do NOT read this book to read about men, I can assure DC of that. I read this book to read about queer WOMEN. The last thing I want to see in Batwoman is more males.

And now there’s this ridiculous bullshit going on with Maggie’s daughter. The idea that her being startled by walking in on Kate injured is somehow something that could destroy Maggie and Kate’s relationship is literally the most MORONIC thing I’ve ever heard…so the kid saw Kate hurt…AND? It’s nothing remotely traumatic or frightening or terrible. The way that such a big deal is being made out of it in such an utterly ludicrous and horribly written fashion would be laughable if it weren’t for the fact that it seems to be being used to destroy the ONLY couple in all of comics right now that I give a fuck about

And as for Kate offering to make a ‘deal’ witht the BIGOTED SUB-HUMAN FILTH that is Maggie’s DISGUSTING and REPULSIVE ugly loser of an ex-husband which looks like it might involve her breaking up with Maggie…yeah, Andreyko? here’s something you should get into your thick head about us…WE DON’T MAKE DEALS WITH BIGOTS

We don’t compromise. We don’t make offers. We don’t give a flying fuck about their feelings, about their emotions, about their opinions or beliefs. NO queer woman would EVER make a ‘deal’ with some FILTHY BIGOTED SACK OF SHIT for ANY reason. No queer woman would ever ruin her relationship with the woman she loved as part of some ‘deal’ with some PIECE OF FILTH like this worthless and REPULSIVE waste of flesh

The Kate Kane I’ve been reading about for the 24 wonderful issues Williams wrote would have nothing for a DISGUSTING CREATURE like Jay except a middle finger. She would NEVER willingly approach or speak to such a REPULSIVE ANIMAL with any kind of offer or ‘deal’

And don’t even get me started on the numerous times that Kate’s lovers have been referred to with ‘cute’ little euphemisms like ‘friend’ or ‘Special gal pal’ or other such bullshit. Kate Kane, the woman who is proud of being a lesbian, the woman who will never hide her sexuality or be anything other than open and visible and proud of it, the woman who wore the fuck out of that tux to her shitty step-mother’s stupid party because fuck her and fuck everyone who wants her to hide who she is would not refer to her girlfriend as her ‘friend’ the way she does when she meets Maggie’s daughter. She would not refer to her ex-girlfriend as her ‘friend’.

The overally impression I get is that Andreyko is a lesbophobic sack of shit who isn’t comfortable with writing about women who have sexual and romantic relationships with other women. That he’s the kind of pathetic creature who doesn’t like the thought of writing romantic scenes between two women. And so he is steadily draining all the intimacy out of Maggie and Kate’s relationship, trying to ‘de-lesbian’ this book and find ways that even in a story about lesbian women that he can STILL try and make it all about men (Seriously, I wanted to put a drill to my head with that garbage he wasted page time on last issue with Nocturna and her ridiculous seduction of what’s-his-face) and now it looks like he’s planning to break Kate and Maggie up

Let me make something clear. I buy this book BECAUSE Batwoman is a lesbian. I buy this book to read ABOUT an out lesbian character that is in a loving relationship with another woman. I buy this book so I can read about Kate and her Mags together. I care about Batwoman BECAUSE she is a lesbian woman in loving and romantic and sweet relationship with another woman

If Andreyko breaks up Kate and Maggie I really don’t care what ‘reasons’ Andreyko gives as to why he did it nor do I give a fuck what else he does on this title. If this book isn’t a book about Kate Kane being together with a woman she loves, being portrayed as an out and proud lesbian couple, that’s it. I won’t be buying it anymore and I think I speak for the books queer lady readers in general when I say we won’t support a book that’s about Kate Kane being  heartbroken, miserable, single and never ACTUALLY having on panel relationships with other women

That’s not something I’m remotely interested in reading about, regardless of what else is going on in the title.

Well said Sam! Keep Kate & Maggie together.


I’ve hit the point where I stopped reading largely because it became apparent that things were heading in this direction already and I just don’t like impossibly grim tortured anti-heroes.

Whether or not I continue buying the book honestly depends ENTIRELY on what happens in this months issue

If Kate and Maggie are seperated in it then it’ll be the LAST issue of Batwoman that I buy until they are back together, preferably with a BETTER writer than Andreyko writing them…one who isn’t a lesbophobic bag of douche that can’t write about lesbian women without trying to force men into their lives and into the stories about them while sucking any trace of love or intimacy out of their relationship

I’ve just lost SO much respect for him in the past few months and I have got a bad feeling about this months issue too :(

I tried to read a few of the issues after he took over, but I had a really bad feeling about it.  I know it seems like people would think that a gay man would be a better writer for LGBT issues, but the reality is that many gay writers are just baffled by lesbians or seem to do a really bad job dealing with lesbian characters.

Just look at Glee ;_;

And I know what you mean about having a bad feeling for a while…there was stuff that bothered me but I pushed it down or ignored it…like the fact that in the conclusion to the ‘This Blood is Thick’ arc that Andreyko penned we don’t see Kate checking whether Maggie is okay when it’s all over, we don’t see her talking to her about how she has a chance to get her sister back, don’t even just see a reunion between them given that the last time they saw each other Maggie had a city full of chaos to deal with and Kate was about to go try and rescue her sister from a dangerous and corrupt spy organisation

No, instead we get Kate wasting her time with, of all people, BATMAN

Because hey let’s once again make the book about the lesbian hero be all about her interacting with dudes and apparently needing their approval to even operate in Gotham…

And now Andreyko’s bringing in a bunch more male characters into the title to steal yet more page time away from the lesbian characters I’m ACTUALLY interested in reading about and that I buy this title to see…I can guarantee that i don’t pick up Batwoman to read about Clayface, the Demon or fricking Ragman (Yeah, THERE’S a character that just DESPERATELY had to be brought back) but Andreyko is apparently going to be stuffing them all into the books cast

All while Maggie and Kate’s relationship is forced through this contrived and ridiculous drama that feels SO forced and so badly written and so very blatantly an attempt to break them up so Andreyko doesn’t have to write about women loving women anymore

I’m just sick of seeing us being treated badly, written poorly, having our relationships ruined or shoved to the side or just not be acknowledged at all. I’m sick of queer women barely existing in mainstream fiction because writers aren’t ‘comfortable’ with us and our relationships and our sexuality

I wish that JH Williams had never left the book…that he’d stayed on even if DC’s meddling meant he couldn’t do all he wanted to on the series

Kate and Maggie is all we’ve got in superhero comics right now. I don’t want some halfwit to take that away

Yeah, if Williams and Blackman had continued to write this you can’t tell me that Beth and Chase would of been put on a bus. You can’t tell me Bette would of been reduced to 3-page cameos.

Shit, Blood is Thicker was basically half about Bette coming into her own as a hero.

I’ll be real, I think if wanted to like this book so bad since Andreyko took over that I’ve been pushing my uneasiness away.

But you’re right Sam! All the interaction with Mags and Kate? Drama. and 80% of it has been forced and out of character. All the female characters have been pushed out and now theres a bunch of dudes. Like I’m pretty sure she’s had more interaction with (non-costumed) Ethan and her Therapist than Mags and Bette in recent issues. (Counting Wolf Spider would be unfair, he is the bad guy after all)

I’ve become worryingly convinced that the introduction of Kate’s therapist has got nothing to do with Andreyko wanting to show a hero who has been through traumatic things talk to someone about them and everything to do with him finding a way to have Kate talk about the problems/issues in her life with a man and get advice from a man instead of talking about them with the woman who loves her with all her heart

I’ve become convinced it’s genuinely just another way for Andreyko to force males into lesbian womens stories and make things all about guys. It’s Finn Hudson being the main character in Santana’s coming out story all over again but even more depressing because at least in Glee by that point I KNEW the writers were awful…Andreyko is a writer I used to LIKE :(

And now Maggie’s off in Metropolis, presumably so Andreyko has an excuse for her and Kate to be nowhere near each other because god forbid the engaged lesbian couple have any kind of intimacy or warmth or romance shown in their relationship

I miss the scenes of them being cute and flirty together…of talking together and opening their hearts up to each other…under Williams writing, Maggie literally stayed with Kate all the way through her fear gas induced nightmares, laying beside her in bed and holding her. Andreyko writes her as hanging up on Kate mid-phone call and seeming to be barely paying attention to her :(

Also, unrelated to all this but still frustrating: the way that Andreyko seems to be writing Kate as a rookie. Williams Kate was a woman who fought a fricking DEMI-GOD and won, who prevented the end of the world and went toe to toe with supernatural monsters

Andreyko has written Kate as far less skilled and capable and that bugs me :(